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At DRJ's our primary aim is to supply the very best range of architectural hardware and ironmongery available at the very best prices

With our incredibly small mark-ups on cost we feel that we are one of the most competitively priced supplier of hardware and ironmongery in the U.K

With over 10 years experience we offer an extensive knowledge on product and have the ability to source or engineer the most difficult of requirements so please give us a call or send us an e-mail if you require product which isn't currently available to purchase on the store

We schedule, service and supply to the whole of the U.K & Ireland and work closely with health authorities, councils, contractors, builders merchants, architects and housing associations aswell as your locksmiths, carpenters and handy men

Master Keying, Keying Alike & Key Cutting Service

At our in-house workshop we provide a master keying service for any size system which will be designed with the utmost care to your specification

There are many things to consider when designing a master key system but whatever the size and nature of the project, we will ensure that a clear and concise solution is reached.

With our wide range of master system's available we are able to cater for the largest master key systems such as hospitals and universities, as well as smaller systems such as small offices and Doctor Surgeries.

MK- Master Key System

In private homes and small to medium sized businesses access to all areas is often restricted to a select number of individuals. A master key will allow access to every cylinder within the system, which is highly convenient for a Managing Director or an Executive as they then have access to any area within the building. For added convenience master key systems can also incorporate our office furniture locks and other industrial application locks. 

GMK - Grand Master Key System

Within large organisations, clear and well defined structures are essential. On the top level of the system, head of departments and managers may require unrestricted access to large areas of the building. On the middle levels, management and small teams require access to only their certain areas. On the bottom level employees will need access to their particular office or working area.

As an example there are generally three levels that exist within a typical GMK:

Each cylinder will then also have its own differ key which will be used by the person who works in that particular room or office.

Common Entrances

Normally used in blocks of rented apartments and halls of residence, individuals must be able to unlock one or more main access doors without direct access to neighbouring apartments. Keys can also be issued that allow access only to common entrances. This can be suitable for maintenance companies or milkmen needing access to building corridors. Common entrance cylinders can be incorporated as part of a master key system.

Keyed to Differ

A Keyed to Differ (KTD) cylinder can only be operated by its own unique key and relevant master keys.

Keyed Alike

Keyed Alike cylinders (KA) are a set of locks that can be operated by the same key and relevant master keys. Multiple Keyed Alike sets can be specified providing increased flexibility in master key systems.